Are you interested to stay up to date about Photonic Integration, attend the 2nd edition of the Photonic Integration Conference on September 27, 2016. High Tech Campus Eindhoven, The Netherlands. CLICK HERE.


If you want to attend the 19th edition of the European Conference on Integrated Optics, April 3-5 2017 at Eindhoven University of Technology, CLICK HERE.

On April 25, 2016, the Photonic Integration Symposium took at Blauwe Zaal, TU Eindhoven, the Netherlands. The event was sponsored by STW (Dutch Technology Foundation).

Photonics is a large and rapidly growing business sector, with applications in telecommunications, data communications, mobile communications, medical diagnostics, automotive, avionics, sensors and security, metrology, lighting, displays and solar cells. The world market is about 500 billion $, i.e. 20% of the electronics market. Europe covers about 20% of the photonics market, with about 300,000 jobs.

Photonic Integration is a small but rapidly growing technology, which promises to make complex photonic systems and subsystems cheap, small and ubiquitous, similar to what happened in electronics by the introduction of micro-electronic integration.

In the symposium an overview was given of recent developments.

The morning program covered a symposium on the achievements of seven projects that have been executed under the STW Perspectief Program “Generic Technologies in Integrated Photonics”.

After lunch a number of prominent speakers discussed progress and relevant developments in the field of Integrated Photonics. Thomas Koch presented the American Institute for Manufacturing Photonics, a 600 M$ initiative launched by the Obama Administration. Sailing He presented the photonic integration developments in China. Mike Wale presented Europe’s progress in the field. Ton van Leeuwen presented the opportunities for photonic integration in health applications. Finally Katarzyna Lawniczuk and Francis Berghmans presented the European business-focused initiatives they are leading to accelerate the adoption of photonic integration technologies in new market sectors.

In the second afternoon session, an overview of industrial activities in the Netherlands was given. Eight different companies gave a brief overview of their activities in short (5 minute) pitches.

In the last session an overview of the Integrated Photonics activities in the Netherlands and the Eindhoven region was given and the foundation of an Integrated Photonics Institute by TU/e was announced.

The symposium was concluded with a networking reception with food and drinks.

A photo impression of the symposium can be found here.

More information about the program you can find here.

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